June 27th Cleanup
114th Civ-OP, Inc.
Getting Ready
Boulevard Gardens Area
Teaming Up
Team Work
The Community Graffiti Cleanup Day held on June 27th, 2009
was a huge success.  A total of 27 volunteers from both
Boulevard Gardens and the community at large showed up to
join forces and clean 24 businesses around 31 Avenue
between 51-57 Streets.  A special thanks to Romeo of Globe
Coffee Shop for cooking hamburgers and providing
refreshments for the volunteers.  
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Before & After
A very special thanks to Captain
Angelo Bermeo and the Salvation
Army.  They are always there to
provide a balanced meal and
refreshments for all of our hard
working volunteers!  We are
humbled by their continuous
When the community  unites and cleans up their neighborhood, and takes the few but necessary steps to maintain it,
the only ones who lose are the vandals.