Free VIN Etching Program

What is VIN Etching?
Vin-Etching is a chemical process that permanently etches a vehicle’
s identification number (VIN) onto all glass windows of the auto. It
makes your vehicle invaluable to a potential car thief.  It only takes
about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the process, and every car owner
should take advantage of this service.     

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Volunteers from 114th Civ-OP, Inc., and the 114th Precinct’s Crime Prevention Officer
work together to hold outdoor VIN Etching events in large parking lots and during
special events in an effort to reach as many community motorists as possible.  While
the VIN Etching is being done, motorists have the opportunity to meet the Crime
Prevention Officer and receive important crime prevention materials and decals for
other NYPD programs.  Participants also receive a receipt that can be sent into their
insurance companies for a discount.  Insurance companies usually give a 5 to 10%
discount for having all auto glass etched.

                              VIN Etching is that effective against auto theft!

To find out where and when the next outdoor event will be, or to arrange for the Crime
Prevention Officer to provide the service for you at the 114th Precinct, feel free to
contact the following numbers:

  • Crime Prevention Office - 718-626-9324

  • 114th Civ-OP, Inc. 718-728-8763.  

The purchase of  equipment and supplies for this program was originally made possible with
funds from The Astoria/LIC Kiwanis Club of Queens,and later from Congressman Joseph
Crowley through the Citizens Committee for New York City and funds from Councilman Peter
Vallone, Jr. through the New York City Department of Small Business Services
, and the NYS
Division of Criminal Justice Services.
114th Civ-OP, Inc.