114th Civ-OP, Inc. has been working with the NYPD to help decrease the
incidence of bicycle thefts in our area.  Bicycle registration is offered whenever VIN
etching events are held and at special events such as health fairs, street fairs and
bike races.  If you would like to find out how to register your bicycle as soon as
possible, contact the 114th Precinct’s Crime Prevention Officer at (718) 626-9324 or
114th Civ-OP volunteers at 718-728-8763.
Free BicycleRegistration
What is Bicycle Registration?
      Bicycle Registration is a free program offered through the NYPD's Crime
Prevention Office.  It is a relatively quick process that involves entering the owner’s
name, address and phone number, and the bike’s make, model and serial number
into a log.  Then a special registration number is assigned and the officer will engrave
it into the frame of the bike.  If your bicycle is ever stolen and the police find it, they
will have the means necessary to return your property to you.  Also, if they catch a
person with your stolen bike, they will have the proof needed to arrest the suspect for
theft or possession of it.  
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