114th Civilian Observation Patrol Facts

      The 114th Civilian Observation Patrol, Inc. (114th Civ-OP, Inc.) has been a reputable and accepted civilian
observation patrol in the 114th Precinct since 1980. Its main goal is to perform specific objectives in an effort to
deter and prevent crime, and improve the community’s quality of life.  We work closely with the Community
Affairs Officers and Crime Prevention Officers assigned to the 114th Precinct.  Civ-OP members serve as extra
eyes and ears for the police without getting physically involved. Our volunteers are trained to look for and report
quality of life problems when they go out on patrol – not crime.  If they happen to witness a crime or suspicious
activity while they are out there, they are trained to observe and report such to the base station operator, who
in turn calls the appropriate authorities.  At no time do members become physically involved in an incident – with
exception to an accident scene where they might ask the victims if they need an ambulance, etc. The group’s
efforts are specifically designed to:

  • Decrease crime activity or incidence of crime within the confines of the areas covered.
  • Create a cleaner and safer quality of life for both residents and merchants within the community.
  • Encourage witness/victim participation in court proceedings.
  • Encourage neighborhood involvement and awareness with crime prevention practices and maintaining an
    improved quality of life in the community.
  • Decrease plea bargaining, and increase maximum sentencing and penalties through court monitoring.
  • Deter street crime, such as muggings, car and car radio thefts in covered areas.
  • Deter late night street crimes, such as the mugging of victims coming home late from work, or social
    events, especially during warmer months.

      114th Civ-OP, Inc. has been directly responsible for the NYPD making over 40 arrests and the organization
has cleaned up numerous unsightly graffiti locations and made thousands of quality of life complaints.  It has
established itself as a necessary force against crime in the Queens, New York community it serves.

Since October 1980, 114th Civ-OP, Inc. has:

  • addressed quality of life problems as well as potential crime problems in both residential and commercial
    areas within the 114th Precinct.  
  • organized a youth group, 114th C.O.Y. (Civilian Observation Youth) that participates with the community
    graffiti clean-ups.  
  • special patrols which cover community events such as patrolling the outer boundaries of an event to
    make sure people coming and going can do so safely, and performing foot patrols during concerts and
    Fourth of July celebrations in Astoria Park.  
  • power washed brick and painted gates, walls and other public structures in both residential and
    commercial areas upon request.  
  • performed routine anti-graffiti maintenance patrols to keep cleaned up areas clean.  
  • remained willing to attend all court proceedings if vandals are arrested.  
  • published quarterly newsletters documenting all Civ-OP activities and maintained its distribution within the
    target areas.

      Improving the community’s “quality of life” is a major function of 114th Civ-OP, Inc.  By reporting street light
outages, a “mugger’s haven” has been eliminated when the light is repaired.  Having pot holes repaired quickly
decreases the chances for pedestrians being hurt, or cars from having accidents.  The removal of abandoned
vehicles and the demolition or repair of abandoned buildings takes a hiding place away from the criminal
element.  Removing unsightly graffiti leaves an area looking cleaner and safer.  The complaint might be as small
as a base cover missing from a street light pole to as large as a six foot pot hole.  If it presents a danger,
nuisance or hazard in any way to the average citizen, members from 114th Civ-OP, Inc. will report it to the
proper agencies.  The quick and timely attention given to these and many other problems adds up to a cleaner
and healthier “quality of life” for the community.  In any given area, this leaves the impression of a more tightly
knit neighborhood and appears less appealing to the criminal element.  
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