Children are always taught to dial 911 if they ever need
help in an emergency.  But how many would actually do it?  
There's a strong possibility that many children won't because
they don't know what to expect after they dial.  The 911
simulator takes away the mystery.  After dialing 911, the
simulator's computerized operator interacts with the child,
asking questions the way a real operator would do.  The child
is left no longer wondering what to expect if he ever has to
call in a real emergency.
      Members of 114th Civ-OP, Inc. are available upon
request and will visit local schools as well as attend special
events in an effort to bring this very important program to our
community's youth.  Call the headquarters at 718-728-8763
to find out more about this program, or to arrange to have it
brought to your event!
911Simulator Program
114th Civ-OP, Inc.